Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch is our biggest event every week!

serving lunch

Camp Outreach

We are extremely lucky to be welcomed into campsites to be able to help with cleanup, and drop off life saving items.  We spend a lot of time each week checking up on our friends and making sure they have what they need.


Our Vision

On July 1st 2018 our dream of a permanant location finally came true and we opened our Community Center!  We are located at 330 S. Cool Spring Street in Downtown Fayetteville.  Hot lunches are served every Sunday at 1 oclock in the yard.  The food, hygeine and clothing pantries are open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 2 and eventually laundry facilities and shower facilities will be available!  Other services are also in the works!  Please stop by and see us, look for the purple building, you can't miss us.

We would love to have you volunteer with us!  You can easily donate through PayPal by clicking here.  If you are interested in receiving one of our sponsorship packets please go here to our contact page and let us know.

Our Backpack Program

Seth's Wish has teamed up with The Capitol Encore Academy, a public charter school in Downtown Fayetteville.  The students range from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  At the end of every week, students who are struggling with food insecurity get to take home meals and snacks to get them through the days they are out of school.


Meet the Seth's Wish Team

Seth’s Wish has an amazing team!  We are 100% volunteers, no paid staff.  Since Seth made his wish years ago, we have been lucky enough to have some great people join us.  We’d like to introduce you to our team.

Lindsey Wofford

Executive Director

Lindsey is Seth’s mom, and couldn’t have been prouder when he made his wish to help others.  Seeing how much this cause affected her son, she knew she had to act, and work with Seth to help others.  It started out small, and as more and more people offered to help, Seth’s Wish took off and hasn’t stopped since.

Lindsey moved to Fayetteville with her family in 2007.  She has 3 children, her oldest attends Appalachian State in Boone, North Carolina.

Lindsey runs the Backpack Program, a program of Seth’s Wish, at The Capitol Encore Academy, a public charter school in Downtown Fayetteville.  This is the school that Seth and his younger brother currently attend, so Lindsey is also active in the FEO.  She has an office at the school where students and their parents have access to clothing, shoes, food, and anything else they might need.

Candace Gayle Beatty

Candace has strong family roots here in North Carolina.  Her grandfather was a long-time auto parts business owner here in Fayetteville and her grandmother was well known in the community for teaching piano at Faye Langdon’s School of Music.  Candace currently attends UNCP, and is in the grad program studying Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling.

Candace has been with us since 2015 and is very passionate about our cause and the people that we help.  She is constantly going above and beyond for the men and women that live on the streets of our city, taking personal interest in many of them.  She has helped with enrollment in school and job hunting many times.

As our Case Manager, Candace helps take on issues our friends are struggling with and come up with solutions.  It is safe to say, she has never met a stranger.


Noah Wofford

Vice President

Noah is Lindsey’s husband, and moved his family to Fayetteville in 2007 to pursue a job offer.  He works for the Department of Defense on Fort Bragg Army Base, and served in the United States Navy.  In 2005 Noah graduated with his Business Management Degree and Marketing Certificate.

While working and supporting his family, Noah handles a lot of the behind the scenes work for Seth’s Wish.  He is responsible for Seth’s Wish being a part of the Combined Federal Campaign for the first time in 2016, something we are very proud of.

Dawn Williams Gregory

Dawn, along with ther husband Butch and daughter Stevie, quickly became an essential part of Seth's Wish.  Dawn is single handedly responsible for keeping our clothing closet room in order (and let me tell you, this is probably the hardest job in the center!)  She spends countless hours and dollars at the center to make sure the food pantry is never empty and no one goes without things they may need such as shoes, sleeping bags and so much more.  If there is ever a call of someone in need of food for animals, she will make the trip.  This woman never quits and we would be LOST without Dawn and her family.

Gina Buracchio

Gina and her husband Josh came to know Seth through his school where their son and daughter also attend.  Now Gina spends her time volunteering at Seth's Wish and at The Capitol Encore Academy.  Her kids Geno and Mia often help their mom cook and serve during our Sunday lunches, and Gina runs like crazy at the center during the week preparing grocery bags for everyone to take.  She's always down for some heavy lifting at the Food Bank, and i'm not sure we would make it through a week without her.

Seth Wofford

Seth is currently in 7th grade at The Capitol Encore Academy, where his brother is also in 3rd grade.  He loves art and being creative, which makes The Capitol Encore Academy the perfect school for Seth.

Without Seth and his wish, none of us would even be here.  He has a huge heart and is always looking for ways he can help others.  Seth has been interviewed for his school newsletter about his wish to help others and loves getting the word out on how his schoolmates can help.  Some of his friends from school, and even his teachers, have come out and helped us deliver food and other things to the men and women downtown.

Nikki Jenkins

Nikki lives in Fayetteville with her husband and 2 children.  She works as a substitute teacher in Cumberland County, and is also an amazing baker.  She found Seth’s Wish in 2015 after reading a story about Seth in The Fayetteville Observer.  She started out baking desserts for us to take out during our weekly meals on the streets, now she is part of the team.

Not only is Nikki instrumental in our day to day tasks, but also with forming relationships with local grocery stores that now provide food to us on a regular basis.  She is always willing to get her hands dirty and jump into whatever we have going on.


Gravel Rivera

We met Gravel shortly after Seth made his wish.  Even though he was one of the people we were there to help, he put the needs of others above his own.  Instead of coming to get a meal, he came to serve meals to others.  In July 2015 Gravel moved into a home and off the streets for good.  He has remained a main part of our group all of these years, and his job is not easy!  He keeps all of us crazy ladies safe although we think we can do it all.  At the center, he runs the front desk and keeps order in the community room where people come for services.  He hears his name called about a thousand times a day to reach things on a high shelf or to carry something heavy.  We are so lucky to have him around.